Lord of the Rings Live

View from my Seat

I had the pleasure of seeing Howard Shore’s The Fellowship of the Ring score performed live with full choir and orchestration at the Radio City Music Hall this past Saturday and I have to say that movies will never be the same again. I did wonder before arriving if I would be able to hear the dialogue of the film over the orchestra, and am amazed to report that they did such an incredible job matching levels that I didn’t miss a word of the film. I can’t get over how amazing this was. It was like seeing the movie again for the first time. If you missed don’t worry, they are doing it again next year for The Two Towers. For further information go here http://www.theradiocitylotrconcert.com/ If you did see the film and are worried that you’ll never be satisfied with a cinema experience again, there may be some hope for you yet. There is a similar experience on tour now for John Williams Star Wars Score for more information go here http://starwarsinconcert.com/ Contain yourself fanboys, the opening vid on the site will make you go all tingly.

The picture above was the view from my seat before the choir came in, Spike Lee was nearly 15 rows behind me, thank you ebay!


The way Twilight should have gone…

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I mean, c’mon he’s a vampire! If I wrote a book and a movie romanticizing regular serial killers, (albeit ones that are trying to quit) and not supernatural ones, do you think it would do as well? I guess Dexter is doing all right, but is he trying to quit? (Hate to admit it but yes, I did enjoy the movie) God, we’re a sick society…

Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile folks but I plan to be posting on a more regular basis (fingers crossed). I know there’s no excuse but I was kidnapped by ninja’s and saved by pirates and well I had to pay off my rescue by plundering the high seas for awhile. I do miss it so if I disappear for awhile again, be careful on your cruise ship.