The Big Lebowski: Scene Recreation

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A scene recreation I did recently that was a lot of fun. Those who pale at the average sailor’s vocabulary should avoid and to those who revel in it, Enjoy!

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Geico Commercial

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Shatner Shown New Star Trek Trailer

Imagine this. You’re partly responsible for creating, starring, producing, directing, writing (yes, he was a writer for Star Trek V) and building a multi-million dollar franchise over the past 30 years. Now that franchise is being relaunched. You are getting on in years, not that you’re not long for this earth but one never knows, and you are not included in the process.

Now imagine I’m a psychologist and let me ask you “How does that make you feel?”, better yet imagine I’m a entertainment news host who’s asked to interview you and then surprises you with the trailer for said project and waits for your reaction.

That’s exactly what happened to William Shatner, now 78, at an interview on Access Hollywood when shown the trailer for the Star Trek relaunch. He handles it like a pro, even manages to plug a book he wrote in the process.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Shat or the original Star Trek for that matter, more of a Star Wars guy myself, but I can’t help feeling sorry for the guy. Sure he’s had his time in the sun but Leonard Nimoy does have a cameo in the movie. It seems only appropriate that if you are to honor one of the original cast with a cameo, that you should include the other living cast members, and at least the Shat. Look close, you can see the pain in his eyes.

Swine Flu


Suffering from a bug myself (not sure what it is) but this had me laughing all day!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine *Spoilers Beware*


X-men Origins: Wolverine is overall very good but not without its problems. So that being said let’s get this started and jump right into the deep end. Spoilers beware.

I’m not sure what purpose Will I Am serves in the movie other than to possibly give Logan an affinity for teleporters ala Nightcrawler in the future, but this logic is kind of shot to hell if an adamantium bullet can make you forget said purposeless sycophant.

They REALLY did too much to Deadpool and I’m curious to see how they will dial him down for the potential spin-off. The nurse does say that the bonding process is not complete, so I guess that leaves room for a “movie science” explanation.

On the positive side,  the action looked great and the only scene that I felt was laughable was when Wolverine is bringing down Gambit from a falling fire escape and slashing away the steps like he’s punching a speed bag. If you don’t think it looks goofy let me know.

The movie is a must see for any Wolverine fan however, and the spine of the story; the relationship between Logan and Creed, is really well done. I wish they would have lost half the characters and spent more time on that relationship. They really missed an opportunity there. One that I think could have possibly made critics see comic book movies in a new light. They tend to be seen by critics as nothing more than pop-culture money machines, but the roots were there to make this a real relationship driven piece of art and I for one would like to see this genre taken a little more seriously.

So the bottom line is, if you can shut your Wolverine aficionado side of your brain off, you’re in for a really enjoyable ride.