From the Mouth of a Goddess: Gambit and Deadpool Movies


3041-gambit recently caught up with Lauren Shuler Donner, wife of Superman director Richard Donner, the multi-million dollar movie producer partly responsible for X-men, X2, X3, X-men Origins: Wolverine, the announced X-men Origins: Magneto, X-men First Class, as well as Constantine and wait for it …Constantine 2.

So if this woman isn’t already a hero of yours just wait, she will be. In the interview she states that there are currently internal discussions about a Gambit spin-off as well as a Deadpool movie.

I must pause now for the dance of joy. Not so much for the Gambit spin-off, always thought he was for the ladies, as for the Deadpool project.

Okay, I’m back, during the dance of joy I was attacked by ninjas and had to humiliate them while continuing the dance of joy over their lifeless forms. Now I know you’re saying the Deadpool movie has been talked about before, but when something drops from this woman’s lips it is bound to happen.

So rejoice little fanlings, that is if we aren’t too disappointed by what they do with Deadpool in the Wolverine film. Those of you who watched the leaked version please let me hold on to my hope!

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You can see the full interview here.

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Host Audition Footage for New Show

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The day has returned that I am excited about the release of a Jean Claude Van Damme film. It reminds me of staying up late and practicing my round house kick to the stuttering stop of the VCR, yes I said VCR, (it was this thing that played tapes much like a cassette player which was this other thing that uh, played tapes). Anyone who’s familiar with what I am talking about will remember their adolescent excitement at watching the films Hard Target, Blood Sport, the still good for a laugh Double Impact, and Timecop.

Van Damme was the last action hero for children of the Reagan era. We were entering high school and there he was, just as the 80’s were coming to a close. Rambo and Commando were gone but JCVD was there to show us we could hike up our pants (literally) kick ass and get the girl. I’m happy to see his departure from the 80’s formula, time has moved on and we have grown up, and I’ll take this as a sign that he will now, cinematically, grow up with the rest of us.

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Christian Bale’s Rant


This is what happens when studios count on the star selling the movie & not the product selling the movie. It puts crazy amounts of pressure on said star. If they know the success of their career is dependent on their performance & how much box office pull they have, they are bound to freak out & throw tantrums. Studios should move away from this and make pictures with lesser known actors who can work as an ensemble for the good of the product. Not only would they have more money to make the product better because they aren’t paying exorbitant “star” salaries, but they would also be giving more actors work. Work we desperately need. Hint, hint.

Take Watchmen for instance, there are working actors involved but no major stars and I bet it will do close to record numbers despite the economy because the product looks great and we all know the source material is incredible.

Wouldn’t most of the movies Nic Cage has made be better if there was someone more believable playing the part?

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No More Heroes?



Well, not as many.

NBC has decided to trim the fat for next season and run as many as 4 fewer episodes in order have more continuity within the storyline and less time between new episodes. Not a bad idea, but here’s a better one. Fix the writing! Heroes has had a dwindling fan base after the well marketed and slickly produced first season. The writing has certainly been in a slump and those involved seem to have forgotten who made the show a hit, comic book geeks!

The most recent episode “I am Sylar” had us watching Sylar Spock us through some scenes from Hitchcock’s Psycho. I have very nearly given up on the writers for this show, but I have to admit I love the show for the concept and how good it could be.

So this is my appeal to the writers; Please, please for the love of all things geek, restore my faith in Heroes!

You can see my thoughts on the writing this season here.

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Holy Green Hornet, Batman!


You have to see this!! This film by Aurélien Poitrimoult contains the best action sequences I have ever seen in a fan film, and could seriously give Hollywood a run for their money in that department. The film was shot in 4 days and for less than $2000.

It stars French Action Star and Stuntman Manu Lanzi,  as The Green Hornet,  who can also be seen in Kiss of the Dragon, The Samourais, The Touch, The Transporter, Danny the Dog (aka Unleashed), District B-13 and JCVD. He and Patrick Vo, who plays Kato, choreographed all the fight sequences and the film really shines both in the execution of the combat and the filming of the action. Where it falls short, of course, is in a couple of the performances and some of the dialogue. The main villain and his lieutenant are a little laughable but the parade of henchmen are nothing short of incredible. The environment is unique with some interesting lighting choices but the film would have benefited from darker environments.

The film was completed in 2006 so this review is a little late but with the upcoming Hollywood Green Hornet film in the works this is definitely worth a look! Make sure to hang around for the credits which are incredibly well done in true 70’s Green Hornet television fashion.

4 out of 5 stars!

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What’s up with Heroes?


If any of you have been watching Heroes this season you might have noticed the similarities with a certain Marvel story line called CIVIL WAR. Which is eerily similar to the Keene act in the Watchmen, which is reminiscent of the Mutant Registration act in X-men, which was of course stolen from the United States’ Japanese Internment Camps which was of course grifted from the Nazi’s, which they of course got from US persecution of Native and African Americans, which they modeled after the general horrible behavior of humankind towards anyone that was different from them throughout the history of humanity. All the more reason for me to never dye my hair blue again.

I know there is nothing new under the sun but to steal from something so recent and a storyline that may eventually come up in the Avengers movie series seems a little like cheating, not only your viewers but also fans of the source material. There’s over 60 years of comic storylines that you could draw from if you can’t come up with an idea of your own. Must you really choose something from the last 5 -10 yrs? They have obviously setup Nathan Petrelli as Tony Stark and shown us the “birth” of Captain America (when the gave the soldier the super serum) and I’ll stop there for those of you who have DVR’ed the series and have yet to catch up.

I know they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but have you seen Single White Female? It’s doesn’t really turn out well for anyone. So please give me back the shirt you got from my closet and get on with your life. It’s time to become your own person and write your own stories.

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